I hit an unexpected bump with the rent and bills, so I’m opening up commissions again! it will help me not get rusty as well. If you would like a badass beastie like these (these have been some of my fav commissions) then hit me up! prices vary from 35USD to 20USD depending on detail, and I can add extra figures at a discount, glyph icons/avatars are at 10USD, and if you’d like a tattoo commission we can discuss pricing. 

My first commissioners get a cheaper rate because I have some bills coming up! 

please signal boost if you can! 

Commissions still open!

If you’d like to help but can’t take a commission you can donate using the button at the top of my blog or via paypal to the email monirobot@gmail.com, even $1 helps, and if you decide to donate more I can draw you something to say thanks!